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About Us

Tots Academy is a privately early years and Primary school founded in 2017, its a world class education for children of four months and above our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

We believe in training little ones in a friendly, safe and loving environment where they can crawl, walk, run and grow at their own pace with specialized guidance and support at each stage.

Day 1-48

At Tots Academy, we know that your child has different interests, needs and abilities at each stage of their growth.

That is why our teachers create a foundational learning experience for your child which will provide the basis for their primary, secondary and tertiary education.

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Day 3-82

At Tots Academy, we meet your child at their level to guide learning through play. We are an elite team of highly trained professionals who will help your child reach the aims and goals of each learning stage.

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Tots Academy is a family-oriented school where parents participate in their child’s education!

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